Know your water


Know your water

AlkaH2o is bound by the belief that Mother Nature is the key to healthy living.  Twenty-six years ago my grandfather, Rafael Vidal Torres was diagnosed with cancer.  The cancer was severely developed in his brain and bones and his family was stripped of hope as he was given four months to live.  This is when the family began seeking  other ways to fight the cancer, and they were led to doctors of holistic medicine and the practice of alkaline diet.  This healthy choice kept our grandfather alive for 16 more years.  He died in 2004 at the age of 89, and the impact of his choices during his triumphant fight against cancer guide us to this day.

In 2010 the Vidal family came across the opportunity to buy a pristine alkaline aquifer, and knowing the powerful rejuvenating effects of natural alkaline water on the human body, we did not hesitate.  The goal became clear: to bring 100% natural alkaline water to Puerto Rico and to the world, so others could experience this supreme gift of Mother Nature.  Today, thanks to a journey that began almost 30 years ago with my  grandfather, we are able to share with you, one of the rarest waters on planet Earth with the highest natural pH on the market, unparalleled health benefits and luxurious texture; the water we call, AlkaH2o.  Drink Deep and Enjoy!








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